Why do I need to register for football action photos?

Because of the large number of athletes, teams and games being played, registering allows our photographers to focus on only those players that are truly interested in photos. We are able to capture better images and more photos for you to select and build a great memory! Go here to sign up.

Why do you charge a deposit?

The deposit is a credit towards your purchase so we know you are committed to viewing and purchasing your photos. Please understand that the deposit is only valid on-site at the event and if you do not purchase anything it is not refundable

Do I need to register for cheerleading action photos?

No. Because of the uniqueness of cheer events and the brief duration of every squad’s performance, we photograph each routine and try our best to capture a few photos of each athlete.

How do I view and purchase my photos?

At each event, the football and cheer championships, we will have our Glossy Finish Mobile Photo Trailer available for you to come inside and see your photos. Look for us at the field and in front of the arena! We also print everything on-site so you can take it home with you before you leave!

Will the photos be available online?

Yes, but you will not be able to use your deposit as a credit. This credit is only valid when purchasing photos on-site. We print everything on-site so you can take it home with you before you leave! Additionally, not all of our unique products, like custom posters and collages, are available online. Please try and stop by the Glossy Finish Mobile Photo Trailer at the event!

How do we get a Football team photo?

All football teams will be photographed during the National Championship registration process. These photos will be available for you to see and purchase at the event.

What are your prices and products?

All our products are customized and unique to create a memory for your athlete and family. We have custom 13x19 posters starting at $85. We also offer a Digital Photo Package of ALL your player's action photos (football only) for $145. Cheer squad action photos for ONE performance can also be purchased ON-SITE for $95. This gives you full copyright for you to print and share with your friends and family.

How will I know when you photograph my child & when my images will be ready to view?

We will have Glossy Finish photographers in red EVENT PHOTOS bibs throughout the tournament. Feel free to ask them or any one of our Brand Ambassadors, also in a red bibs, what players they are photographing that game. Your photos will be available to view approximately 30 - 45 minutes after your game in the Glossy Finish Photo Trailer.

Do you offer any kind of discount for multiple children?

Yes. Though we require a deposit for each player being photographed, we do offer a discount for siblings if you purchase a CD with all their photos. Please speak to one of our Glossy Finish Brand Ambassadors, in the red bibs, at the event for more information.

Are you the same company that photographed the event last year?

Yes! The Glossy Finish team has been photographing this event for six years, and this is our seventh year!

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